Anvil aims to encourage clear and creative thinking and practice in theology and mission, through open, scholarly debate. Anvil is for people with an interest in theology, but with limited time to read deeply. It features original articles of high quality and theological substance by contemporary writers, whether established or not.

You can read the editorial about slavery in the current issue by guest editor David Killingray.

See the abstracts in the Current Edition which is a special issue looking slavery & emancipation

Read about The Future of the Anglican Communion where (written in Feb/Mar 07) Andrew Goddard examines the groupings and tensions in the Anglican Communion and looks ahead to how these might impact its future.

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Back numbers of ANVIL can be ordered direct from us. Search the index to find the one you want or browse the previous editions and then just fill in the back numbers form and send it to us.

Recent Editions:

Edition 24:1 was a focus issue on scripture
Edition 23:4 was a focus issue on Hymnody and Worship.
Edition 23:3 which looked at Celtic Christianity and Thomas Cranmer
Edition 23:2 looked at Christian-Muslim relations including Muslim perspectives on Christianity
Edition 23:1 looked at apologetics, and evangelical response to Mary and Anglican values

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