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'To be occupied with God': John Stott on Worship

Ian Randall is tutor in church history and spirituality at Spurgeon's College, London , and Senior Research Fellow, International Baptist Theological Seminary, Prague , Czech Republic . He is the author of a number of books and many articles, especially in the area of the history of evangelicalism.

John Stott, the most influential evangelical Anglican of the twentieth century wrote much on worship but it is one of the more neglected aspects of his theology. Ian Randall here identifies and explores such important themes in John Stott's work as worship that comes from the whole person, worship shaped by scripture, and Trinitarian worship, as well as Stott's discussions on forms of worship. He provides an accessible and comprehensive introduction to Stott's thinking and to central features of wider traditional Anglican evangelical worship.

Alternative Worship: Post-Modern or Post-Mission Church?

Rachel Atkinson is Tutor in mission and contemporary evangelism at Spurgeon's College.

Rachel Atkinson here offers an excellent overview and critique of the alternative worship movement. She outlines its roots and then focuses attention on four of its central characteristics - the concerns for contextualisation, experience, multi-sensory worship and participation. Finally, she evaluates its contribution to the church while also offering some serious challenges concerning its attitude and practice in relation to mission in the world.

'There Must Be More than This': Current Dilemmas Concerning Congregational Song

Mrs Anne Harrison is a member of Durham Diocesan Liturgical Committee, edits the music pages of the quarterly Praxis News of Worship and works part-time for the Royal School of Church Music.

Drawing on a recent account of changes in evangelical worship by church historian, David Bebbington, Anne Harrison's article points out some of the musical implications of these developments as they affect singing in Church of England congregations. Attention is drawn to writers who might assist a process of discernment on the part of all who plan, lead and resource worship, enabling God's people to sing praise and pray together in ways faithful to evangelical Anglican beliefs and values.

Timothy Dudley-Smith: An Acknowledged Master Craftsman

Canon Michael Saward is a hymn-writer, hymn-book editor, member of the Hymn Society, ex-Chairman of Jubilate Hymns, and Canon-Emeritus of St Paul 's Cathedral.

As Timothy Dudley-Smith celebrates his 80 th birthday, Michael Saward explores his gifts and ministry as a hymn-writer. As well as providing a potted biography, he draws attention to how many hymns Dudley-Smith has written, surveys those which have been most widely published, introduces some that are less well-known, and identifies the features of his work that make him such a significant evangelical hymn-writer.

'Lord for the years': Some Reflections

Canon Alan Luff is Chairman of the Pratt Green Trust, Vice Executive President of the Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland and
Vice President of the International Fellowship for Hymnology. He recently edited Strengthen for Service, the volume of essays celebrating the centenary of The English Hymnal.

'Lord, for the years' is one of Timothy Dudley-Smith's best-known and best-loved hymns. Canon Alan Luff here offers reflections on its background and content that both provide an introduction into the art of hymn-writing and deepen our appreciation of this popular hymn

Review Article: The Great War for Civilisation by Robert Fisk

Peter Ballantine has served for eight years as Book Review Editor

This issue also published the texts of the following hymns by Timothy Dudley-Smith interspersed between the articles:

Christ is come! Let earth adore Him

Faith and truth and life bestowing

Lord of the Church, we pray for our renewing

O God of peace, who gave us breath and birth

O Lord, whose saving name

Our God and Father, whose eternal mind





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